Tips For Keeping your Relationships Exciting

When you’re in a new relationship, everything is new and exciting. You feel butterflies in your stomach just thinking of that other person and are excited to talk and see them whenever you can. Fast forward to a few months, even years, and things start to get stale, which is why it’s important to keep the spark alive in your relationship.

As that newness starts to fade after you first get into a relationship with your partner, you start to take them for granted and might be bored of what’s happening in your relationship. This can lead to fights, which can eventually turn into a breakup. Even married couples that have been together for centuries need to constantly freshen things up to keep things exciting.

So if that spark is starting to burn out, here are some helpful tips for keeping your relationship exciting and fresh: Have Date Nights Making time to schedule regular date nights allows you continue the courtship that helped you become a couple. As something you regularly did in the beginning to get to know each other, going on dates helped you two have the relationship you have now, so it’s important that you continue to have them. Making time to celebrate just the two of you is essential to any healthy relationship, whether it’s going to dinner, the movies or hitting up a concert, make sure to make time for date night. And to keep things fresh, make it a…

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Why You Should Talk Dirty In Bed

There’s something erotic and totally hot about talking dirty in bed. It’s like you get to say the dirtiest things, and for that moment, it’s totally acceptable. You can scream out explicit vulgarities and obscene things that you’d never, ever, say in real life.

Something about being totally open with your sexuality and voicing what you feel like doing and having done to you (or even some dirty name calling) can really help you get off and make boring sex that much more interesting.

But the thing is, not many like to talk dirty in bed. They’re either too shy or think they’re dirty mouth might scare off their partner, so they hold their tongue and opt for the unoriginal moan instead. Sure, it’s fine, but if you love the occasional, “Fuck me hard you bad boy,” then you’re probably not getting your desires fully met. You’re not allowing yourself the sexual freedom you crave and need to really get off. And we’re not talking about a whatever orgasm, either; we’re talking about, “The oh shit, I haven’t come this hard in I can’t remember how long!” So, the reason why your sexual escapades have sucked as of late could be because you’re holding…

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Masters of sex, Alfred Kinsey and one polish priest

Human sexuality ain't no joke. While there are many misconceptions circulating the truth is that it has long been researched by great minds.

But how do you research something as intimate as sexuality. And something as socially misunderstood as human sexuality? Well, you just face the challenge and do like the pioneers of the research: Masters & Johnson, Kinsey and… one polish priest.

William Masters and Virginia Johnson have been much popularised in our culture through a great TV series titled accordingly Masters of Sex. The Masters and Johnson research team, composed of William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson, pioneered research into the nature of human sexual response and the diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders and dysfunctions from 1957 until the 1990s. Their humble beginnings were not simple. First of all, back then the world of sex studies was still under the great influence of Freud's theories that were (let's be honest) not scientific at all. Freud's theories were not backed by any empirical research and the guy claimed that all our actions are due to our repressed sexual desires. He…

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